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No. The credit check we will do in order to get you the most accurate and best possible loan will not be recorded. It is also free of charge. If you accept the quoted loan, a registered credit check will then be made, when you meet with your advisor to finalize the loan.
Not at all. You will receive an email that serves as proof of your loan quote request, and a phone call by one of our loan specialist advisors, simply to answer any questions you might have. Then, if the terms of the loan suit you, your personal information will be sent to your branch, where you will have to go to finalize your loan request and get your money.
There is no cost. You can use the online quote request to get informed, there is no obligation.
You could receive an immediate quote and know right away the amount of money you could get, and even what the installments would be, all with no obligation on your part. You will then have to go to your branch in order to finalize the loan, if it suits you.
The online request quote is easy to fill out and will take less than a minute. Once it is sent, you will receive your quote, personalized to your needs and financial situation. You will know right away the terms of your loan, the amount, the interest rate, and much more. An email confirming your quote request will be sent to you. Then a loan specialist advisor from Fina Capitale will contact you to discuss it. When you decide to request the loan, your personal information will be sent to your branch, where you will be able to finalize the process.
No. The immediate quote is without obligation on your part and serves only in informative purposes. Afterwards, a loan specialist advisor will contact you to answer your questions and explain the following steps if you decide to go ahead with the loan.
Detach it from the letter and come visit us.
You can make anticipated payments on an unsecured loan at any time, without paying any fees. As for secured loans, some fees apply and depend on the province of residence.
At Fina Capitale, there are no fees applied to personal loans. For a secured personal loan, some fees apply, like home value estimates, ownership examination fees, insurance fees, administrative fees, or others. These fees depend on the province of residence.
Yes. At Fina Capitale, our personal loans have fixed rates, which means you will always know what to expect. The installments will stay the same for the entire time of the loan. In case of a loan restructuration, the term is changed, and it would affect rates and installments.
Depending on your credit score and history of payment, you could get an interest rate as low as 19,99% for a secured loan, or 27,99% for an unsecured loan.
A secured loan is a way to lower the interest rate applied to your loan by using the value of your home as warranty, if you are its owner. You could get up to 30 000$ in a secured loan, with a maximum of 100% of the value of your home, with a lower interest rate than you would get in case of an unsecured loan or with a credit card. An unsecured loan requires no warranty.
When you have a personal loan, you commit to reimburse your loan by making fixed monthly payments for a fixed period of time. As installments are made, the balance of the loan lowers, until it’s completely reimbursed at the term of the loan.

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