Obtain your quote the right way!

It is quick, safe and easy to request a quote online. Answer a few questions to allow us to determine what loan will answer your needs. Depending on the amount of the loan and the reason for its request, we will be able to determine the type of loan, the interest rate and its term. The credit investigation is not registered and will have no impact on your credit score.


* Having all your necessary documents ready during your application can drastically speed up the process



Step One: Fill out the Application Form

Apply online on our website in minutes! Look for the Apply Now button.


In order to create a loan that answers your needs perfectly, we will need certain information about you such as your name, address and date of birth.


We will then need basic information about your current employment such as the company name and date of hire.


Lastly, we need to know the loan amount you wish to borrow along with the payment frequency you desire.



Step Two: Send us the Required Documents

When the moment comes to complete the loan application, gathering all the necessary paperwork beforehand will accelerate the process. It’s simple; everything you need is most likely already in your possession!

Remember to verify the validity and conformity of your paperwork.


Required documents for a loan request are the following:


  • Two pieces of government issued identification (driver’s license, provincial health card, social insurance card or passport) 
  • Two latest pay stubs   
  • Two months of complete bank statements until today’s date (last 60 days)
  • Void check or direct deposit form


Please send the required documents to info@finacapitale.ca