Everything you need to know about interest rates


It’s important for us to make sure you have all the necessary tools to control your financial situation. That’s why here at Fina Capitale, we always take the time to talk with you to answer any question you might have. In order to understand the influence any loan can have on your financial future, we will explain how interest rates are calculated, according to different factors.



Establishing interest rates

Many different factors determine the proposed interest rate when you request a personal loan. It can vary depending on the type of loan or on your credit score, parameters that depend on you. Contrary to external factors, such as inflation. Get all the information on these factors to understand the interest rate on your loan.



See all the different loaning possibilities offered

It’s easy to see that there is a vast array of ways to borrow money. For example, you can get a loan from your bank or caisse populaire, a financial technology or a pay advancement business. For each type of loan need, there is a loan specialist.

These businesses and institutions offer loans in accordance with the borrower’s credit score. For example, banks offer a wide range of financial services to their first-rate clients, which means they use their deposits to lend to other clients.



Are you eligible to a loan at Fina Capitale?

You could be eligible to get a personal loan at Fina Capitale if your credit score is from good to acceptable (first rate or almost). Your personal loan specialist advisor will work with you to find the ideal loan for you. At Fina Capitale, you will get more than a loan, you will get the right tools and service to control your finances!