The quick and simple solution to cashflow problems

You could finance your receivable accounts and take advantage of your clients’ good credit, allowing you to concentrate your energy on growing your company. Let Fina Capitale manage your client accounts and collection!

Factoring at Fina Capitale is simple. You will have access to the cashflow you need, without having to sacrifice any of your profit or your actions, or ever having to share in the decision-making process with us.

Factoring allows you to;

  • Have a consistent and secure working capital, no matter your business’ value or it’s experience.
  • Take advantage of your clients’ good credit score.
  • Concentrate your efforts on growing your business, without spending any time in collecting.
  • Reduce your regular costs.
  • Have financing without accounting for it in your summary.
  • Have discounts at some suppliers.

Take advantage of your customer accounts and help your business

If the short-term assets of your business are in a direct link to your customer accounts, making the administration of your management costs difficult, contact us.

It’s important for small and medium businesses to pay their expenses in time, even when the receivable accounts are not yet perceived. There are employee salaries to pay, raw materials to purchase, and other working capital costs, which can all become difficult to manage even with a good sales volume and good customer accounts. The shortfall between the two could hinder your business growth and hinder future opportunities.

Fina Capitale has the solution to get rid of those worries! Factoring is a type of financing that’s independent of the financial value of your business, it’s sales volume or even your capital, and is entirely based on the value of your customer accounts.

Safe and quick financing

You could have access to safe and rapid financing for your business!

According to your needs, you could receive and have at your disposal over 80% of the value of your solvent invoices (as per a formula). We can take care of your solvent debtors and collect the debts, while keeping you informed by simple reports.

A loan in a banking institution would not provide access to the amounts we can give you, or so quickly.

With Fina Capitale, you will benefit from our network of specialized advisors of alternative financing, involved in the local distribution network, knowing all aspects of your particular market.

Furthermore, you could have access to the money you need fast enough not to have to postpone your plans or miss an opportunity that presents itself. The usual turnaround time is under one week.

You would have access to all the information concerning your business, thanks to multiple tools at your disposal, like invoice imaging and payment or collection notices, or others.

Let Fina Capitale take care of your customer accounts and their collection in order to focus on growing your business!

Contact us now and request a quote!