Reduce your debt using a debt consolidation loan

A simplified budget thanks to debt consolidation

It can be difficult to manage the multiple bills piling up, or a credit debt that increases despite monthly payments. A consolidation loan can help you regain control of your finances, lower your debt and achieve peace of mind

Our loan specialist advisors are there to help you find a solution to your debt.

Debt consolidation loan

Put your budget back on track by consolidating your debts today. You will have peace of mind; your debt level will decrease, and you will only have one regular and affordable payment to make according to the frequency of your choice.

The accumulation of debt is a common concern. If your debt is worrying you, request a quote for a debt consolidation loan, which could help you reach financial stability.

Our debt consolidation loans are flexible. Whatever the cause of your debt, credit cards, outstanding bill balances, or any other reason, consolidating your debt with a loan will allow you to make one simple fixed payment and often to lower your debt ratio. Fina Capitale is a trustworthy institution, you can be confident that your financial health is on the right track.

Credit card loan

When you have many credit cards with an outstanding balance, making a budget can become complicated. Depending the institution, credit card statements can come out on different dates that do not fall on your scheduled pay days. This requires you to actively manage your pays in order to meet credit card payments. A credit card loan allows you to gather their reimbursements into one easy and simple payment scheduled for the frequency you desire!

The advantages of a debt consolidation loan from Fina Capitale

  • Quick online quote request, and funds often available the same day
  • Loans adapted to your situation and your needs, thanks to our experienced loan specialist advisors
  • Flexible payment plans, low interest rates and affordable installments


Example: Matthew’s debt consolidation


Matthew needed a consolidation loan to cover the balances on three of his credit cards and a payday loan. His payment due dates vary between his credit cards and payday loan. Matthew accidently misses his due dates which consequently results in interest fees and bad credit scores. He decided to get a consolidation loan with Fina Capitale to pay off all his outstanding balances on his credit cards and payday loan in order to have only one scheduled, low and affordable payment. Matthew now does not have to worry about paying his multiple credit cards on time and receiving fees along with bad credit scores.

*This story is based on typical situations from our clients.


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