In case of an unexpected emergency, get a loan quickly!

Emergency loan available, when you need it the most

Life is full of the unexpected, and an emergency can arise at any time. This is where Fina Capitale can help, with emergency loans that allow you to quickly react to the situation. The quote request is quick and simple, and you will get an answer the same day, which will come in handy in case of an emergency. Whatever the reason why, you can rely on Fina Capitale to offer the loan you need.

In case of a problem, request a quote for an emergency loan

It is impossible to account for the unexpected in a budget. If an emergency presents itself, our emergency loans can help you.

An emergency quote is perfect for:

  • House repairs
  • Old or broken household appliances
  • Car repairs
  • Medical procedures
  • Veterinarian bills


Fina Capitale is the solution if you need money urgently. Request a quote for an emergency loan online, and you could receive the money on the same day.

Get an emergency loan today

Example: Sophie’s emergency

Sophie has a problem; her roof suddenly started leaking. She needs to get it repaired quickly, but her bank hasn’t accepted her loan request, even though her credit is good. When she looked online for a solution, she found Fina Capitale’s emergency loans. She requested a quote, and since the installments were within her budget, she continued the process and went to finalize the details with her loan advisor. She got the money quickly and was able to get her roof fixed right away.


5 000$


60 months



*This story is based on typical real-life situations from our clientele.