Renovate or rejuvenate thanks to a home renovation loan

Loans to better your home between $500 and $30,000

Remodeling your bathroom or replacing your kitchen cabinets is easy with Fina Capitale. With payment plans adapted to your renovation planning and to your financial situation, you could have up to $20,000 in an unsecured home renovation loan, with affordable installments, a fixed term and interest rates lower than those usually offered for this financial product.

For more substantial renovations, you could be eligible for a secured home renovation loan of up to $30,000, thanks to the value of your home.


Have the money you need to renovate on hand

Renovating a house increases its value, whether by making it more attractive, more ecological, or simply more practical. A home renovation loan can have many uses:

  • Finish your basement
  • Renovate your bathroom
  • Refresh the decoration or general layout
  • Make over the pavement or landscaping
  • Build a solarium

No matter the reason why you want a home renovation loan, think of Fina Capitale for your financial needs.

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Furnishing loan

Fina Capitale can help you furnish a new home or renew your decor by replacing your current furniture. Thanks to a furnishing loan with affordable payments, you could renew any room in your home.

Do you have a refrigerator threatening to break? Or an old washing machine? These are problems that generally need to be fixed quickly. Request a quote for a furnishing loan now, and you could be able to replace them before it becomes an emergency. Fina Capitale can help you with whatever you need.

Fina Capitale can help you when you need;

  • Home furnishings
  • Patio furniture
  • Electronic systems
  • Appliances
  • And more…

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See the benefits of a personal loan from Fina Capitale

  • Quick online quote request, and funds often available the same day
  • Loans adapted to your situation and your needs, thanks to our experienced loan specialist advisors
  • Flexible payment plans, low interest rates and affordable installments


Example: Roxanne’s appliances

Roxanne was unpleasantly surprised when she realized her washing machine was broken. When requesting a quote for a home renovation loan, her loan specialist advisor explained to her she was eligible to a higher loan than she requested. Since her dryer was purchased at the same time as her washing machine, she jumped at the opportunity to buy the set. She now has peace of mind, and new appliances for an affordable monthly payment.

 *This story is based on typical real-life situations from our clientele.