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Expenses during vacations or travelling can accumulate quickly, but a vacation loan from Fina Capitale can cover most expenses, like travel, accommodations, or everyday purchases. Whatever the vacation, by yourself, with a loved one or with the whole family, the total cost can leave its mark on a budget.

Request a quote for a vacation loan today, and you could be eligible to get up to $20,000 in case of an unsecured loan, with interest rates lower than those usually offered for this type of loan, or up to $30,000 in case of a secured loan, with even lower interest rates.

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  • Enjoy affordable installments that are more favorable than credit cards ones.
  • Pre-payment possible (up to 60 months).
  • Personalized loan, suited to your needs and your situation, thanks to our experienced loan specialist advisors.

Example: John’s Vacation

John is from France. An unexpected family event forces him to go back to France soon, even though the expense wasn’t in his budget. A colleague suggested requesting a quote for a loan from Fina Capitale. He took the necessary steps and quickly got the money he needed. He was able to prepare for his trip in time, and left with peace of mind, knowing his trip would be taken care of with affordable payments.

*This story is based on typical real-life situations from our clientele.

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