In case of extensive and necessary repairs, a vehicle repair loan is available now!

You could have the money you need to fix your car, thanks to a vehicle repair loan from Fina Capitale!

Financing for car repairs

Many expensive and unexpected car repairs can be taken care of this way, like fixing the air conditioning, the transmission, or even bodywork. You could obtain the money you need quickly and easily, with our quick loan request process.

Financing for car maintenance

Car maintenance costs can accumulate quickly. Request a quote for a vehicle repair loan, which will allow you to regroup diverse maintenance expenses, like oil changes, new tires purchase, or even replacement of old parts, like brakes or the battery.

You could get the money you need to fix your car today!

Important repairs

The purchase of a new car is a big step. And it is often better to make the necessary repairs to your car before thinking of replacing it altogether. Financing can be used to make the repairs on a car that can be put back in shape. The necessary repairs on a newly purchased used vehicle can also be covered by the loan, all with affordable installments.

Fina Capitale has the financial solution for any repairs to your car, truck or any other vehicle.     

Request a quote for a car repairs loan and have the work you need done.


Example: Julian’s situation

For a while, Julian has been putting money aside to buy new winter tires for his car. When he was getting them installed, his mechanic informed him that his car needed some repairs. Julian hadn’t saved any money for extra work, and since he needed his car to work, he decided to finance the repairs. He found Fina Capitale’s car repairs loans in an online search, and after requesting a quote, he was able to complete the process and quickly was able to get his car fixed. 

*This story is based on typical real-life situations from our clientele.