Enjoy the wedding day of your dreams thanks to a special occasion loan

Do you wish you had more money for an upcoming special day?

You could be eligible to receive between $500 and $30,000 to make things happen. 

Your wedding day and the subsequent honeymoon often end up costing more than was first anticipated. A wedding day loan could be used to help pay for everything pertaining to it, like the clothing, the rings, rental of the reception room or catering services, for example.

It can be difficult to reconcile wedding day plans and its budget. A special occasion loan allows you to do both, without worrying of the debt, knowing you will be making affordable payments.

Request a quote for a special occasion loan today, and you could get up to $20,000 in an unsecured loan, with favorable interest rates compared to ones usually offered for that type of loan, or up to $30,000 in a secured loan, with even more advantageous interest rates.

A special occasion loan from Fina Capitale is the perfect solution to be able to have the wedding of your dreams, according to your needs and financial situation.


The advantages of financing for your wedding day

  • Have the money at your disposal from the very beginning of the planning
  • Enjoy affordable installments, lower than ones from a credit card
  • Make prepayments (up to 60 months)
  • Get a personalized loan, thanks to an experienced loan specialist advisor


Example: Julie’s wedding

Plans for Julie’s wedding are on a roll, except for some expensive unexpected purchases. She adjusted her budget in consequence, but that means sacrificing other parts which she cared about. Then her maid of honor told her about Fina Capitale’s special occasion loans. She requested a quote online, and quickly got her answer and her loan, allowing her to follow her initial plan. She was able to have the wedding of her dreams with peace of mind, knowing everything would be payed according to her capacity. 

*This story is based on typical real-life situations from our clientele.

Your special day should be worry-free. Request a quote for a special occasion quote to get the funds on the same day.